About Our College

H.K Veeranna Gowdh First Grade College is situated in the land which was the ancestral properties of late M.H. Chennegowda father-in-law of sri. H.K.Veeranna Gowdh and was donated for the construction of Educational Institutions in 1960’s, from the Guidance of Sri. H.K.Veeranna Gowdh. College and other Schools were started under the registered body namely “M.H.Channe Gowdh Vidyanilaya”. Sri. K.T.Chandu is the pivotal person, is the founder Secretary & in that position he is serving in this Institution.

H.K.Veeranna Gowdh First Grade College, Maddur (Mandya District) is situated between Mysore-Bangalore highway. 80km from the Garden City Bangalore and 60km from the Heritage City Mysore on Mysore-Bangalore Highway. The college which came into existence in 1978, is the offshoot of Arjunapuri Junior College of Arts, Science and Commerce which was in existence from 1971 to 1978. This was upgraded and re-christened as H.K.Veeranna Gowdh College in 1978, in the name of its founder Late Sri H.K.Veeranna Gowdh. In 2002 as per the directions of the Government of Karnataka, this was bifurcated as H.K.Veeranna Gowdh First Grade College and H.K.Veeranna Gowdh Pre-University College. The college permanently Affiliated to the University of Mysore.

The founder Sri H.K.Veeranna Gowdh and Smt Thayamma Veeranna Gowdh were freedom fighters. Sri Gowdh was the president of State Congress twice and a powerful eminent Minister in Govt. of Karnataka during 1956 and 1962. An honest Administrator he has served the state in various capacities. The couples donated 5 acres of valuable land adjacent to Mysore-Bangalore Highway road in which the college is located. The main motto of founder is to see that college education is reachable to the weaker section of rural parts. This college has completed 38 years is proud of its service serving the cause with all dedications. It is striving hard as a temple of learning, kept open for the seekers of knowledge, irrespective of the religion, caste, creed, colour and also the economic strata in the society.

The motto of the Institution is “To Serve in Deed, not in Words”.


To be one of the best colleges to quench the thirst of learning and knowledge of the students of rural and downtrodden section of the society, to achieve the social justice, academic growth and to promote empowerment in students.


  • “Serve in deed and not in words”.
  • To impart quality education to cope up with the present day advancement in science.
  • To provide quality education for all, the rural students in particular, at very low cost, which is affordable to one and all.
  • To strive hard & to improvise the knowledge and Empowerment of the students, to achieve and acquire more and more.
  • To provide an academic atmosphere in the college campus.
  • To provide the students all the necessary amenities to inspire and initiate them to become good citizen with good morality.
  • To have a cordial and reciprocal relationship with all, in society.

Message from the Secretary

Dear Students,

It is mother who brings you to the world and it is she who protects, shapes and sends to school where you are made to learn. Here teacher guides to the new horizon of education, ultimately it is you and you only to find out the goal which you can achieve.

Pray god to bless you all.

K T Chandu

college secretary